Magnolia Collection

Designer, Maria Tzani

Magnolia Collection – Model: Maria Tzani

A black-based print with magnolia flowers! Magnolias are the most loved flowering trees for their stunning blooms and dramatic white, cream, pink or purplish flowers. The Magnolia tree symbolizes luck and stability. It’s a staple in Southern gardens and
delights people with its flowers in the early to mid-spring. In the east, the white blooms of
the magnolia represent nobility and purity! This collection is made to symbolise the peace….

The peace the of being free from persecution due to one's nationality, immigration status, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, religious beliefs or sexual preference! Without peace, it will not be possible to achieve the levels of trust, cooperation and inclusiveness needed for societies to be resilient to shocks, manage disputes and adapt to changes in their environments. This print highlights caring, respecting others and tolerating. It hides the power, force, and coercion in an authoritative and persuasive manner to influence the violent behavior of the individual, groups, and the state for attaining peace.

  • Model

    Maria Tzani

  • Creator

    Daniela Kelarou

  • Designer

    Maria Tzani

  • Year:


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