Animo Collection

Designer, Maria Tzani

Animo Collection – Model: Maria Tzani

 A beige-based print with  black human figures  who symbolize the human souls … makes a dynamic entry in Animo  collection!

In a deep search, with the woman as a source of inspiration, the ANIMO collection was born. Woman’s day  was the launch day, as it is a day of celebration, a day that reminds us of WOMAN’S struggles, the conquest of her rights and the need to find her other half…

a half that RESPECTS her, that LOVES her and treats her as she DESERVES.

 the Animo is the closing of one cycle and the beginning of another, within the spiral path that the Psyche follows in its eternal journey towards the Light. In this journey, she is looking for her other half and she will not stop looking for it until she finds the right one…..the one that leads her to the light…the one that pulls her out of the darkness!

  • Designer

    Maria Tzani

  • Creator

    Daniela Kelarou

  • Model

    Maria Tzani

  • Year:


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